Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher is something that you need to own and pray you do not have to use it. It is quite clear that owning a fire extinguisher is essential for your safety. Despite the fact that you know that there is a possibility of fire occurring any time, most people do not like entertaining the idea of it occurring. It is a recommendation for all homes to have one in case a fire starts. It is going to protect your property from burning down since the extinguisher is going to help in preventing fire from spreading and it can even stop the flame within a short time. Whilst a fire on land is a terrible thing, a fire on a boat or off-shore rig is far more dangerous. This is due to the fact that there is no where to run and jumping in to the sea is just as dangerous. Many maritime security companies train the members in how to deal with fires and what to do in the case of a fire on board. It is also recommened by fire crew that people have a fire extinguishers in their homes, but do not attemp to fit the fire but use it as a means of escape. These are some of the benefits that you are sure of reaping if you have fire extinguisher.

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You are not going to buy them every now and then

This device is ling lasting. There are disposable types which have a life of up to fifteen years. The only thing that you need to make sure is that you take good care of it in terms of maintenance. There are other types which can be refilled. This is similar to buying something that is going to protect you for a long time and you do not have to worry about it provided you can reach it fast in the event of an emergency.

Takes a small portion of the house

You do not have to worry about storing the extinguisher due to a number of reasons. The first thing is that you do not need to hide it and you can hang it on the wall. If you have a cabinet, it will be a good place to store it. There is no problem if your friends can see it. People who come to your home are going to be more secure due to the precautions that you have already taken.

It is easy to use

Using the fire extinguisher is very easy. Once you are able to learn how to use it, you can put it to good use when needed. There are four steps that you need to remember. Pull the pin from the top of the fire extinguisher and then aim the nozzle at the source of fire. Squeeze the lever to be able to release the content and then make a sweeping motion as you will be squeezing the lever.

No tough maintenance routine

This is going to differ depending on what you are told by the manufacturer. There are some powder fire extinguishers that are going to need you to shake the extinguisher at least once a month. Others require maintenance check at least twice a year. Some types are going to stop the fire and also leave your appliances undamaged. This is the main concern especially in offices. Manufacturers have come up with devices that are non toxic to electrical devices but can still take stop fire.

Although you might think that you do not need to have a fire extinguisher, this is something that is very important.